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16 Weeks - THOR's Kickstart GROUP Body Transformation Program

16 Weeks - THOR's Kickstart GROUP Body Transformation Program

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Transform Your Health, Mindset & Physique at Mid-Life & Beyond & Feel Hot AF!

Join over 100 women who have achieved mind-blowing transformations using THOR’s Kickstart Transformation Method! We dare you to DEFY expectations! Babe, midlife is yours to OWN how you want. Join us and kickstart your lifestyle & body transformation journey and finally achieve your health goals once and for all! For Life!

Cost:  $75 per week for 16 weeks.


Personalized Macros & Group Nutrition Coaching
Ultimate food freedom is just a step away. Discover the power of personalized nutrition plans that align with your unique body and health goals. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all diets, and embrace a nourishing, sustainable, and enjoyable way of eating. For life! Custom macros based on your goals updated each month or as needed.

Strength Training Program
Your training & fitness plan is designed to meet you at your current level. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, together we create a strategy to help you achieve your goals and unlock your body's full potential. Complete beginner to advanced levels are welcome.

Community Support from Like-Minded Women
This journey isn't about going it alone. It's about coming together as a tribe that understands the challenges and celebrates your victories. The camaraderie of your teammates provides the motivation, encouragement, and sense of belonging you need to reach your goals. Private Facebook group access.

2 WEEKLY GROUP Calls To Help Manage Your Lifestyle
Some of the topics we cover during our weekly calls range from strength training elements to macro education to mindset topics, emotional eating, hormonal health, etc. Some weeks we may have guests who help us gain perspective and inspiration to keep going.

Our Expectations:
Your commitment and devotion to YOURSELF and as a result, to the program.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tina Goyal
I lost over 20 pounds in 4 months!

I wanted to give a shoutout to Terry for helping me transform and lose over 20 pounds. I struggled with excess weight, which comes with high blood pressure, miscarriage from hypothyroidism, and hormone imbalances - all from not eating well, exercising and caring enough for my health and fitness. I was only 124 pounds in my mid to late 20’s and then after in mid to late 30’s I was above 167 pounds. Which brought in all types of health issues.

I had a few difficult years - having older parents and a new baby to take care of. In addition to that, I decided to pull up all my energy and go to grad school for my MBA to get my career on track and unfortunately had a bad experience which added to losing my confidence to rock bottom. While I was going through all this, I was stress-eating and gaining weight.

Terry who is my neighbor and friend for the past 15 years, went through similar issues and when I saw her going through the journey of being overweight and transitioning into a healthy and beautifully fit person --- her dedication to fitness and macro food, and her entire routine made me take the first step to start working on my own fitness goals.

Terry helped me every step of this wellness journey. I call her my therapist, nutritionist, fitness instructor and life coach! She guided me with patience and perseverance. I had never lifted weights - she helped me accomplish my overall goal to a healthy mind and body. Today I have no high blood pressure, I lost over 20 pounds (154 to 133), I’m able to eat what I like and make sure my family also eats nutritious macro-friendly food. We have misconceptions that macros diet is going to be difficult and bland -- but that is not true.

You can make it what you like and what fits your lifestyle. Portion it right and you can continue to eat whatever you prefer - not just salads. Combine the way you cook with macros so that you enjoy every meal.

Terry guided me through all this step by step. Her experience and guidance helped me create well-balanced meals that I truly enjoyed while losing one pound a week.

I would never have taken this path if I had seen Terry’s transformation. And I would have never achieved my goals in fitness, nutrition and shedding the extra pounds if Terry had not coached me with her technique. What I loved most is that she works one-on-one with you - not one size fits. All is truly individualized to you!

Vicki & Diane
We are doing great Terry!

We are doing great Terry. I hope all is well with you! Both Dianne and I are counting macros and drinking ginger shots each day. I’ve resumed daily ashtanga yoga and Dianne is doing weight training. I even bought a Ninja and made frozen yogurt. LOL. I cannot thank you enough for inspiring these positive changes. Best wishes on your upcoming retreats, I truly hope to return to THOR sometime next year. Best, Vicki

Anne-Marie Packwood
Terry, I love you so much

Terry, I love you so much and have learned so much from you and appreciate your help and guidance more than I can express.

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